Meet our cattle IVF and ET expert instructors

Set on a bustling, working cattle farm, our comprehensive program offers a unique, hands-on learning experience for both beginners and experienced professionals. Under the expert guidance of our seasoned instructor, participants will be immersed in cutting-edge techniques and best practices in cattle IVF and embryo transfer. Our dedicated instructor’s wealth of knowledge and passion for the field ensures that each student leaves our course equipped with the skills and confidence needed to excel in this rapidly evolving industry.

Wesley Larkin

Wes has been involved in the agriculture industry his whole life. Raised on a farm and ranch on the Gulf Coast of Texas, he was introduced to the importance of hard work and dedication from an early age.

Wes attended Texas A&M University, where he completed his studies and received a B.S. in Animal Science. He then interned in Mississippi where he met and was able to study under Dr. Peter Elsden. Dr. Elsden was a mentor throughout his career in animal reproduction and lessons learned still influence his business today.

Wesley’s graduate research and expertise include timed Al in super-ovulated bovine donors, stallion semen freezing and oocyte collection in mares. He is a member of the International Embryo Transfer Society, with several published articles. His research interests include: implementing Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) in horses commercially, increasing pregnancy rates in cryopreservation of IVF embryos and advancing techniques of IVF.

He now owns a cattle IVF and ET business where embryo production, OPU training and consulting are offered, and is married with 3 children. IVF and ET facilities are currently located in Texas, California, and Alabama. He has trained over 100 ET technicians and maintains a constant role as an advisor to past students.

Wes has been involved in performing, training and teaching of embryo transfer in cattle and horses for over
20 years. For any questions, please contact him at any time.