About the Farm

Murder Creek Cattle Facilities

The Murder Creek Cattle Ranch is located on 600 acres of farmland in Old Texas, Alabama with 200 head of cattle. We have implemented embryo transfer, artificial insemination, ovum pick-up, and embryo thawing and implantation right here on the property.

Murder Creek has gone to great lengths to ensure its facilities meet exceptional standards. We’ve invested heavily into a reliable all-weather training environment, keeping livestock, students, and safe while still being representative of a realistic working embryo transfer environment.

Our classroom is conveniently located indoors, benefitting from temperature-controlled interiors so that students are able to engage with practice material inside a representational yet comfortable learning environment.

Farming and cattle ranching is undeniably complex and comes with an abundance of risks. Its success requires significant capital, as well as a range of practical and management knowhow. To truly master the art of cattle production, direct onsite experience is paramount — and there’s no better way to learn than by working alongside experienced farm operators under the mentorship of skilled instructors. By doing this, individuals hone core skills, build their confidence and create strong relationships that last far beyond the classroom walls.

Our outdoor facilities provide a unique educational experience that is both engaging and realistic. Our real working farm specifically focuses on functional elements and interactive hands-on activities pertaining to embryo transfer, artificial insemination, ovum pick-up, and embryo implantation.

Students will be able to safely practice with real cattle under instructor guidance. Additionally, our hydraulic chutes secure cattle tightly in place, allowing us to practice embryo transfers with four legged friends without harm or issues!

In the fields, students can observe surrogate mothers and calves. This brings about a unique experience for all who wish to learn and implement embryo technology on their own farm or cattle ranch. 

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