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In-the-Field Hands-On Embryo Technology Training & Consulting

Murder Creek Cattle Company offers complete bovine reproductive training for livestock breeders, vet techs, and veterinarians. We provide a practical approach to learning the embryo transfer process to give you the knowledge and hands-on training to implement these practices on your own.

Comprehensive Courses

Develop cutting-edge techniques and master the art artificial insemination and embryo transfer in a real-world environment so you can easily implement what you’ve learned on your own farm.

Experienced Instructors

Tessa Wood was raised in Bald Knob, AK where the Ozark Mountains meet the Delta.  She graduated high school in 2003 and moved to Floral, AK  where she purchased a commercial poultry breeder farm in 2012.  Her farm produces 40,000 eggs per day, or 12 million chicks per year.  She obtained her Associates Degree in Nursing.  While working on her BSN, she was running the ranch, raising her two children, and running 100 head Angus cow/calf operation and show cattle. Tessa has multiple certifications, and is a member and freeze code holder of  IETS. She has attended multiple courses including animal husbandry, animal science, zoology, and also has a BQA certification. Animal welfare and biosecurity always being her top priority. Her love and passion for cattle is exceptional, from mending fences, wound care, and even performing C-Sections on the ranch!  Her course completions include AI in 2015,  Combined ET Course 2019,  OPU 2019, and  IVF Course 2020. After her IVF Course Completion, she founded Shady Wood Genetics, which was the first and only full-service IVF lab in Arkansas! Tessa has clients from Kentucky to Washington State! She has provided services on a wide range of cattle, from mini-Highlands to Senepols. Currently, Tessa raises Bucking Stock and Brahmans with her loving partner, Brad Sardelli. They both tend to the poultry farm, train bulls, run the IVF lab, and they get to enjoy traveling to compete in ABBI/PBR events around the country! They are ecstatic to bring hands on knowledge to Murder Creek Embryo Technology School!

Hands-On Training

Expand your knowledge and hone in on specialized practices within the bovine reproductive industry through hands-on AI and embryo technology training. 

State of the Art Facilities

Learn from the best instructors in the most advanced and safe indoor-outdoor/all-weather facilities in the AI/ET industry.

About Us

Murder Creek Cattle Company

Murder Creek Cattle Company is based in South Alabama, and specializes in training cattle producers the skill of artificial insemination and embryo transfer. Our facilities have been built to adhere to the highest quality of world standards for AI and ET. We have a commitment to providing agriculture with tailored reproduction services and education on embryo transfer. Our goal is to see embryo technology grow and to enable cattle producers to produce better genetic outcomes.

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